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Eternal clash: episode 1 Eternal clash: episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Veeeery nice, keep it up!

This really is a good movie! I like the idea to put some good old video games (and thier backgrounds ;> ) in a mix with fresh newer animes. The animations and illustrations are very nice, although i miss a backgriund in the 1st scene. The story could be more exciting but it keeps the door open for more to come, which is good for continuing the series ;>. With the chiose of music you definitely did a good job, but sometimes i miss any kind of sound in the background when i only have to read to understand whats going on.

Finally i think this is a "good" movie for the first episode. If you keep that up you definitely will have a "good" series.
Why only "good" and not "perfect"?
There is some space left to improve yourself. Use it wisely and next time you will get 5/5 from my side.
Im waiting for episode 2...

-greetZz P0rygon

eternalclash responds:

Well once i get the hang of it, it will be perfect! =)
(i hope)

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ma first transe song ma first transe song

Rated 2 / 5 stars

to fast to be "transe"

I dont think that this could acually be called trance cause its to fast. besides the rithim does not really fit. For 6 minutes of lengh the song sounds to boring to me... its always the same rithm and melody.